Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Reality Catches Up With Marty's Bullshit

Rough day, eh Marty? Double whammy.

Delusional lying idiot.

Haven't you figured out that the simple passage of time always proves that you're full of shit?

We have.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Inevitable Cold Shoulder.

Welcome back to the most extensive source of coverage of the biggest blow hard idiot Michigan has ever witnessed, Marty Prehn. After years of watching Moronic Marty use the exact same tactics, make the exact same threats, and display the exact same low IQ, I've accepted the fact that only the current city Marty is making an ass of himself in will change. You'd think by now the Mongoose would figure out that his same old crap is just bringing him more ridicule and insuring he'll remain a loser because nobody will take him seriously.

After years of reporting on Marty, I feel it's become quite easy to figure out what's really going on in his greasy, fat, little head. We here at CoM have predicted what Marty would do next and used his standard Modus Operandi to make him dance like a trained monkey time and again. These "Mongoose senses" are now telling me there has been a change in Marty's Fraser status. The sudden shift of Elder Dawg's leg hiking on Facebook signals the beginning of what always happens: Marty gets the cold shoulder.

I'm sure anyone that's been paying attention to Marty's "advocacy" in Fraser has noticed Marty's tactic change. Stalking people's profiles, sharing their posts, childish insults constantly posted on f.A.I.R., posting about old Fraser scandals that there was no way he could have known about have stopped. Now, he's blocked everyone, quit commenting on F.A.I.R. and returned to posting his Fraser insults on his own page. You know, the page he thinks none of the targets of his insults can see because he blocked them. When you add this to a few other clues it's obvious, in my humble opinion, the Joe Nichols circle jerk club has moved on and no longer want the services of the Special Ed Agent. Let me show you a few of the clues the Mongoose has dropped.

Throughout Marty's Fraser "assignment" he has continuously claimed he wasn't working with the circle jerk, he was merely "protecting the rights" of a couple of Fraser elected officials. Suddenly this week he's thanking certain unnamed people in Fraser for their "love, words of encouragement, and financial support". Why would Marty suddenly start claiming he was being paid to interfere in the politics of a city he has no vested interest in?

You'll also remember, certain members of the circle jerk always seemed to like Marty's Fraser related posts. How long has it been since Joe, Joe's daughter, a Foster, or Doug liked one of Marty's Facebook spews? Don't you wonder why that stopped?

Why has Marty stopped his constant commenting on past Fraser scandals and political history? Is it because his source of information has dried up? No more strategy sessions (free dinner) with the circle jerk powers? Things that make you say Hmmmm.

There is more evidence to justify my theory but I think you get the idea. Now, I'm sure some of our new readers are asking "why doesn't the asshole just move on?"  Let me paint you a word picture to explain:

Imagine you start feeding a stray cat because you have a rodent problem in your backyard. You figure the cat's presence will help with the rodents. After feeding the stray for several weeks you notice that not only has the stray not helped with the problem, in some way it's made the problem worse. You then decide to stop feeding the stray because it's actually worthless and you're just wasting money on cat food. How long do you think that stray will scream on your porch looking for the next free meal? That's what Marty is now doing on Facebook with his Fraser insults and sharing of Doug's posts. He's trying to remind the circle jerk that their stray is hungry.

I'm imagining all the messages from Marty to unnamed "supporters" trying to set up a meeting (free dinner) to discuss his latest info that will "blow the Fraser case wide open". All those messages are now being either ignored or excuses are being made for why people don't have time for him. "I can't Marty, I have to wash my hair." "But Joe, you're bald and I'm really hungry!"

What is now needed is some bait to lure the stray Mongoose away from the porch known as Fraser.
 Does anyone have a spare news van that can be parked at the Sterling Heights city hall?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Behold the Power of The Curse of the Mongoose!

Never fails. Never ever!

At least a lifelong friendship was made and Joe can now have Marty and his camel toe over for swimming...

This doofus was doomed since February 23;

Seriously, how did he think it would turn out? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING can escape the Curse of the Mongoose. Just ask his son on visitation day at Jackson Prison.

No one, absolutely NO ONE is glad they met Marty Prehn.

"How does he do that?"

How does he not? He's Marty Prehn.

PS: You're not in the clear by a long shot, Fraser. He'll be back. It's that "Terminator from a Future of Stupidity Robots" thing...

"Thanks, Mongoose!"

Friday, September 15, 2017

Ramblers: 42 Mongoose: 7


The Fraser Tribunal Restraining Order hearing was conducted yesterday morning. Of course, the worlds biggest idiot was sure to be there because press coverage was a given. Oh, and the spectre of a free meal afterwards to celebrate their anticipated victory.

Although this hearing had absolutely nothing to do with Marty, it was very important to him because.. umm... well, I guess because he's so "Martyish". On the heels of looking like a fool with his great 0-10 predictions on the recall petition outcome, this was Marty's next chance to find something to use against all of his "cyberstalkers and man haters" on the F.A.I.R. Facebook page. He antagonized them all week with his newest mantra and battle cry - "INJUNCTION!" I was actually surprised he could spell and understand a new multisyllabic word like that, although I'm not convinced he really does understand it and then there's spell checking built into even the crappiest of phones these days...

At the end of the hearing the judge announced he would give his decision within 24 hours, but apparently Marty could sense it wasn't going to go his man crush's way. After begging for lunch and gas money to get home, Marty immediately changed the subject on his Facebook page and returned to his go-to bullshit - bring up old, irrelevant stuff and start claiming the Feds are going to investigate. This is the standard Mongoose tactic that we've seen for years. Talk out of your ass about a subject you know nothing about, look foolish after the results are in and your prediction was wrong, then pretend you never mentioned it. Reminds me of hundreds of great events Marty has announced. Non-stop hype until "the time is now/now is the time" then, after nothing happens, never another mention of it.

Of course, our keen readers here at CoM knew what the results of the restraining order would be. As with any court issue Marty decides to attend in support of someone, it was DENIED. We refer to it here as the Curse of the Mongoose

Curse of the Mongoose®
Marty is such a loser that anything he is allowed to stick his fat head into is destined to fail miserably. It's been happening for years now and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Marty is just toxic and anyone who willfully associates with him is doomed to join him in Loserville. Don't believe me, just ask Ronnie LaForest or the Chism brats. There are others, but you'll have to do your own homework and read this blog.

At this point, the only remaining question is: Will the Joe Nichols gang finally figure out that as long as they are feeding the Mongoose, they have no hope? If Marty is still hanging around when the tribunal starts Monday, they should just resign and go home because the only result can be additional failure and public scorn. Thanks Elder Dawg! Honestly, I'm pretty sure it's already too late to save themselves from the curse. Plenty of people tried to warn Joe about what associating with Marty will cause. Stupid is as stupid does.

As far as the huge idiot Marty Prehn, he's not going anywhere until he knows he's squeezed every last free meal and photo op out of the situation. It doesn't bother him that Thomas LaDuke makes him look foolish on a daily basis. Marty has looked foolish his entire life and he's completely void of anything resembling self-respect. When the sun comes up tomorrow, he'll still be a repulsive dumbass so what difference does it make who's mocking him today? Dealing with Marty is like feeding a stray cat. Even though you stop putting out food, it keeps coming back looking for another handout. Actually, he's more akin to herpes - without the glitz and glamour.

"How does he do that?"

How indeed.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

"It's Coming, Boy..."

Patience. We're eating dinner and swapping stories with the locals...


8:15 PM Update:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

"How does he do that?"
Looking at that chair, Marty could be looking at a FELONY charge of his own for destruction of public property...