Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Marty's Latest Sinkhole is Revolting! (pun intended)

Image Courtesy of F.A.I.R. ©

Welcome back both old and new CoMmies!

It's an exciting time here at CoM as Marty continues to make an ass out of himself on an hourly basis in Fraser. Even after four years I'm still amazed at just how stupid Marty Prehn really is. I've really come to appreciate Elder Dawg's own little catch phrase: "MARTY WOW". Unfortunately for Marty, his own saying does a wonderful job of summarizing his complete idiocy. Marty Wow, indeed!

As the "Fracas in Fraser" really starts to heat up, it's becoming more and more unpleasant for a fat imbecile to wake up in Roseville every morning with the name Marty Prehn. The Fraser sinkhole is tiny in comparison to the hole Marty is digging for himself. The Special Ed Agent just keeps exposing himself as the idiot, fraud, and morally corrupt loser we've come to love here at CoM. The Mongoose loves to say we are liars or we defame, slander, and intimidate him on this site but, damn Marty, who could seriously make this crap up? Other than maybe you of course.

As a literal dump truck load of skeletons are uncovered in all the closets of the Boarding House of the Stars, Marty still can't make himself shut up and go away. I guess the lure of free food is so strong for him, no amount of embarrassment can suppress his superhero appetite. I guess there is no mental price too high to pay for free pasta and unlimited bread sticks at Olive Garden or a burger at the Ram's Horn. Marty, for all of the shame this is bringing you, I sure hope that burger came with cheese ($.50 extra for the idiots who bought it for you).

Now it appears that The People's Mayor has arraigned for the next proverbial kick to the sweaty groin of the Mongoose. Thomas LaDuke has invited a previous Marty scam target to appear on his wildly popular and entertaining show, Bourbon on the Rocks. Not only did Erica Hammel agree to be on the program, she immediately began to expose Marty the liar on the F.A.I.R. Facebook page. The screen shots of Marty's lie filled messages to Erica where absolutely priceless!  You just can't buy a ticket to entertainment like this.

The Fracas in Fraser has now spun out of control for Marty and it's really just getting started. Can the promise of dinner at the Green Lantern keep Elder Avenger coming back for more? The short answer is yes. Honestly, Marty would endure the embarrassment he's getting for a can of Vienna sausage's and a box of Twinkies.
The Seduction
His life really couldn't get much worse and he's really that hungry. Marty has no shame, conscious, morals or any other trait that might make him think twice about what he does. The world hates Marty and he hates it right back so he might as well get some free food in the deal.

I may just be selfish but, I really look forward to the days ahead because I know Marty will continue to supply us with entertainment. Let's all hope the Fosters keep feeding this idiot because it really does bring out his best stupidity. While the fun continues we would love to hear from everyone who's watching. Marty reads here all day long so feel free to leave him a comment. That's where the real fun is!

Love and kisses,


Monday, August 14, 2017

"It's Coming, Boy!"

And you thought that fat bastard was sweating last week...

Stay tuned, CoMmies. Gonna be epic and of Mongoose proportions!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Point of Order: Shup Up, Dumbass!

Good times are here again CoMmies! The quantity of Marty "The Mongoose" Prehn stupidity always seems to peak when that idiot finds a city council meeting to look foolish in front of. Marty is at his idiotic pinnacle when he has a microphone and a captive audience at his disposal. The topic at hand is never important to Marty, it's all about the chance to further his own agenda. Thankfully, the Fraser city council managed to force the Mongoose to stay on topic last night which means, Marty was left with nothing to say.

After Monday's special meeting of the Fraser council, where Marty once again managed to inject his fat head where it didn't belong, I might have been just a little judgmental about the citizens of Fraser. I felt that maybe enough hadn't been done to shut up the worlds biggest idiot. Well, things sure did change at last nights meeting!

Marty arrived at the council meeting so ready to lie, slander, and generally spew complete stupidity, he felt the need to bring a lawyer with him. Although, in my humble opinion and belief, no lawyer that has Marty Prehn and Denny McLain as his top clients should be attempting to practice law anywhere other than traffic court. Hey Barry, did you and Denny get that $7,000 bill for the legal fees of your last target paid yet? But, I digress. Marty was ready to follow the script written for him by various unnamed individuals from Fraser who obviously didn't realize what a moronic loser they were paying to do their dirty work. These people should have known that anyone willing to be their stooge just for the cost of a couple of late night dinners isn't a highly qualified Special Agent. You get what you pay for I guess.

Anyway, as Marty finally was able to take a seat in front of the microphone and begin his latest verbal assault on someone, he was suddenly interrupted by the words "point of order" being called out by a council member. That did not bode well for the imbecile because all of Marty's talking points were way off of the topic of the meeting. Even the cries of Marty's ambulance chaser were cut off by the Fraser city attorney. Marty's own puppet master, Joe Nichols, was even forced to agree with the city attorney and Marty wasn't allowed to veer off the only subject he was legally allowed to speak about. Of course, this left Marty with nothing to say and his public comments ended quickly. Something tells me there was no celebratory dining at the Ram's Horn last night but, the odds there were two burger kings at the White Castle instead are quite high.

Where the Fraser council found a muzzle big enough to fit over Marty's mouth and huge second chin I'll never know but, I don't really care. It worked to perfection. Then it was time for the fun to begin. Using a tactic from the Mongoose extermination guide, the citizens of Fraser began their assault on the repugnant rodent. Several people decided to speak about Marty and point out he really has no business trying to involve himself in the politics of a city he has no interest in. One woman was also nice enough to point out that Marty is a stalker who was seen photographing license plates in the parking lot during the meeting. It's quite telling there was no "point of order" calls while these people were speaking. Funny how that works, huh Marty.

Now that I've rambled on like a Mongoose with cable public access at his disposal, I need to wrap this report up. In closing I need to give KUDOS and credit to the great citizens of Fraser for shutting the Mongoose (and his lawyer) down. It was obvious the sane majority of the Fraser city council had been educated on how to shut Marty up. It's was even better to see people stand up and expose Marty for what he really is. It's also becoming clear that "The People's Mayor" has a few qualified operatives working with him as well. I'm starting to think Mr. LaDuke is a closet CoMmie. There were even a couple of Special Agents in the audience last night. Those hats make them just as much an agent as Marty is!

In closing, once again I commend the people of Fraser. We here at CoM called you out and you responded in force. Great job! The war is not over yet but the end is getting closer.


PS: Forget about Ram's Horn after the meeting. Stick to the credo!

Like a Whore in the Church to the Stars!

The time-lapse is Priceless!

Starts the evening just mildly offensive:

And then it's all downhill...

It's Coming, Boy!

And you Fraser people think that a little sewage water in your basements smells bad. Count your blessings.

Special Agents are Everywhere!

$39.80 for two, or a Leadership Table of ten for $398.

Extra for cheese...

Stay tuned, CoMmies. We're still reviewing the lunacy of the past few days, so check back often.

Your faithful Special Editor,


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"How Does He Do That?"

Dejected Mongoose!

The photo that shook the world this morning and all of Southeast Michigan collectively laughed!

Who wants to bet on what he wears tomorrow at the Fraser City Council meeting? Will he mention being the Guardian Angel of the late Glen Campbell? Will he be selling tickets to a "Rhinestone Unity Dinner and Country Hoedown"?

Personally, I see a "Dejected Mongoose", but feel free to provide your own caption below in the comments.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Mongoose 7, Ramblers 0

Gentle readers of Fraser Michigan;

You people are lightweights.

You obviously haven't done your homework and thoroughly read the years of research that this blog provides. A cursory glance at a few recent articles just doesn't give you the proper insight into the diseased mind of a Mongoose.

You see, folks, Marty wins whenever he can get any media attention, whatsoever. Probably the worst part is that anyone who watched WXYT tonight now believes that Marty Prehn is a representative of your community - maybe even a respected member of your society.  For all you know, he's printing up new business cards with 48026 on them. We've seen it before. After tonight, he doesn't just have his cloven hoof in the door, he has half of his piss-soaked pant leg in there and working on the other one!

The game isn't over, but you apparently don't realize what you're up against and you've got to step it up, damnit! Cast this evil demon from your peaceful village and back to the Bowels of Hell that is the Lair! 

"Mongoose, I beseech thee, return to that from whence you squatted!"

Sorry for the tough love routine, but Marty Prehn in your community is far worse than any sewage backing up into your basements from that sinkhole. And the smell... Oh, the smell. Those new benches at Stephens Park will have to be destroyed once they're caked with Mongoose butt cheese and your playground for your children, Fort Fraser, will become his imaginary Command Post, much like he attempted with the Roseville Georgian Inn. Imagine a world where it's commonplace to see Marty Prehn washing out his only pair of filthy underwear in the goldfish pond of your beloved bank building...

You've given him a beachhead in this war and his spoils are your reputations and livelihoods.

Think of your property values, people. Think of your adolescent daughters!

Heed our advice or may God have mercy on your souls.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dirty Picture Surfaces on Internet - Initiates Recall of Mayor!

"It's Coming, Boy!"

Nothing good ever comes from meeting Marty Prehn - even accidentally. Those dirty clothes would make a maggot puke. Personally, I'd be concerned about body lice just waiting to jump ship to get some fresh air.

It's the Curse of the Mongoose. There's no escape, not even in death.

Like a Terminator from a future of stupidity robots, he just keeps going.

And before someone suggests building a wall around Fraser, he burrows and likes crawling in dirt. You should see what he sleeps on...

Trust us, we are professionals.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Reality/Fact Check on Marty

As a public service to residents of Fraser, and any other metro Detroit city, here is a partial list of people you should contact about Marty Prehn. Most people on this list Marty has claimed he works closely with on a regular basis. Contact them and see if they'll give you a reference or their opinion about him. 

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard

Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham

Every Police Department in the Detroit area

US Attorney Daniel Lemisch

Michigan FBI

Michigan State Police

Representative Peter Lucido

Michigan Senator Steve Bieda

Eastpointe Mayor Suzanne Pixley

Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols

POTUS Donald Trump

Reverend Jessie Jackson

"Hot-N-Ready" Private Investigator Carey Torrice 

Kerri Kasem and the Kasem Cares Foundation 


Jamie Cook, Macomb Daily

Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship

Dr Sam Sugar

Rich Black

That's just a few that come to mind. This list could take all day if I continue. It might also be very interesting to see what either of Marty's ex wives might have to say about him. Or I'm sure siblings would give you an earful about his various lies. Perhaps you could also send a letter to his son c/o Michigan Department of Corrections, Prisoner #719487.

Happy Hunting to all the new CoMmies out there!

"And that's why we love Fraser... "

P.S.  I have a new favorite drink CoMmies, it's BOURBON ON THE ROCKS! You really should give it a try. 

Bourbon on the Rocks


Work that case, Mongoose!

Unbridled Stupidity.

Hard to believe that this idiot can sit up and take nourishment several times a day.